FoodSafetyQuotes.com – Quote of the Day from David M. Theno, Ph.D

“The new world will be a collaboration of people who have a goal to make the food…


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“We can’t inspect safety into our food supply. Instead we should work on building an organizational culture…


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The USDA put together this funny, but very serious, video on BBQ safety and meat temperatures. Check…


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  “Protecting the food supply, making it safe, making it nutritious, is one of the most fundamental…


ArgosRM – Food Safety and Food Quality Consulting (Resource)

ArgosRM was founded by a network of quality and product risk management professionals who share the philosophy…


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“Food safety should never be used as a competitive advatage, but don’t let it become a competitive…


Helpful Food Safety Tips from Alyssa Milano (Video)

Listen to Alyssa Milano talk about how to eat safely! [Video Courtesy www.TakePart.com] - www.FoodSafetyQuotes.com, Food Safety & Quality…


Don’t Miss the 2014 Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, MD – April 8 – 10

The Food Safety Summit is designed to meet the educational and information needs of the entire food…


FoodSafetyQuotes.com – Quote of the Day from Mike Johanns

“Food safety involves everybody in the food chain.” - Mike Johanns, US Senator - www.FoodSafetyQuotes.com, Food Safety & Quality Consulting


5 Simple Tips to Improve Food Safety

Adapted from the World Health Organization here are 5 Simple Tips to Improve Food Safety. Cook food…


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